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CSR is a priority for DCBB

Like many other companies, DCBB faces the challenge of balancing economic growth with respect for the environment. As a forestry company, DCBB is aware of these issues, but has made a conscious effort to find a harmonious balance between economic expansion and corporate social responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility

DCBB is aware of the climate crisis. Despite the criticism within our sector – which has a high environmental impact – we emphasize the versatility and sustainability of wood as an essential raw material for many products such as paper, furniture, building and packaging materials. Wood is insulating, strong and biodegradable, making it a more environmentally responsible alternative to materials such as cement, concrete, steel, and plastic.


DCBB actively promotes sustainable development in its business activities.

Respect for the environment and certification

Sustainable forest management is the core of our business. For over half a century, we have cherished the tradition of environmentally friendly forestry which guarantees our reliable knowledge and craftsmanship when it comes to forest operation. Our experienced and skilled employees remove the trees using our own equipment. Under our strict supervision, the trees are carefully felled, dragged to the road, and transported using our own trucks. Residual wood waste is collected and processed into wood chips, also known as forest chips, by specialized subcontractors. Upon completion of the work, the forest is left neat and ready for replanting.

Our wood comes from legally managed forests with logging permits. Additionally, we take pride in our FSC and PEFC certifications, ensuring the quality and sustainability of our wood. Finally, for every tree harvested, a new one is planted.

Collaborations with recognised environmental organisations

DCBB is aware of the importance of responsible forest management, both for the health of the forests and for the sustainability of its business activities. Collaborations with organizations such as Agentschap Natuur & Bos, Natuurpunt and forestry groups increase our commitment in this area.


We are also proud to be a partner of Go Forest, an organization dedicated to planting trees around the world. This partnership not only strengthens our efforts against climate change, but also contributes to sustainable development goals.


By actively planting trees and supporting eco-friendly projects, we strengthen local communities and contribute to a greener future. The progress and impact of our efforts with Go Forest can always be tracked via our DCBB impact dashboard.

Circular economy

We go even further and are also actively committed to promoting a circular economy. Our forest chips are used as a valuable raw material for a wide range of products such as horticultural materials, including mulch, compost, soil improvers, as well as for the production of paper and sustainable building materials such as chipboards and MDF.


In addition, our wood chips are also used to convert biomass streams into green energy and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. The result? A closed loop in which waste is converted into valuable raw materials and renewable energy.

Towards a sustainable future

We want to motivate the fourth generation to continue the work of Robert De Clercq, the great-grandfather, as described in the biography of DCBB. Despite the challenges of climate change and the pressure from environmental organizations, we want to give our children a push and leave them a valuable legacy of experience on which to build.

The forest, that once inspired the founding of DCBB, remains the core. In the coming years, the forest will continue to guide DCBB in the future. With a strong focus on sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, DCBB is determined to continue its mission of economic growth in harmony with the environment.